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Imagine two identical cars parked side by side. They both look perfect but one of them has been in a serious accident and then repaired! Would you be able to tell which one it was? We would!

Why take the risk when you can have a highly skilled trained professional help you get the right car.
Through our network of dealers, wholesalers and auctions we access the best used cars on the market and with our buying power we save you money. We negotiate the best price and then we pass those savings onto you.

Just follow the five easy steps

  1. Supply Car Buying with the details of the used car that you want to buy.
  2. Car Buying will arrange for you to have a test drive at your home or place of work.
  3. Car Buying place the order for you. You never have to deal with pushy sales people.
  4. Car Buying recommend an independent mechanical inspection and can arrange that for you.
  5. Car Buying will advise you when your car is ready for delivery.

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